Purchase terms and conditions

Purchase terms and conditions

Welcome to the online store www.sirigaita.pt.

The use of the information available on this site for consultation or for the acquisition of goods implies the immediate acceptance of these general conditions of use and sale.

1-General Provisions

1.1 - Responsibility for the Website
The property of the website: www.sirigaita.pt, is from Daniel Eduardo Moreira da Silva, Nif: 247149098, residing at Av. Do Ferrol, nº244 4480-663 Vila do Conde, which has its management and exploration, with email: info@sirigita.pt and telephone: +351 918 224 448.

1.2 - Conformity with the law

The set of rules and procedures presented in the context of the purchase and sale relationship of the products available on www.sirigaita.pt is governed by these general terms and conditions of sale and, in everything that is omitted, by the applicable Portuguese legislation.

1.3 - Purpose and Scope of Application

1.3.1. These general terms and conditions of sale regulate exclusively the purchase and sale made in the online store www.sirigaita.pt and apply to all visitors of the www.sirigaita.pt website.

1.3.2. The navigation on the website and the purchase of the advertised products implies the voluntary and immediate acceptance of these terms and general conditions of sale.

1.3.3. We reserve the right to change the conditions of use and purchase without prior notice, as well as to modify at any time the information and commercial offer presented on the products advertised on the website, including prices, quantities, promotions and commercial conditions and services, whose changes will be immediately available with the consultation of the website and apply to purchases subsequently made.

1.4 - Commercial Policy

1.4.1. It is our policy to offer customers a product of excellence. We bet on the best ingredients and specific techniques of confection and manufacture, as well as a careful and detailed presentation, in order to provide customer satisfaction.

1.4.2. The photographs presented on the website are merely illustrative and may not fully correspond to the final presentation of the products sold.

1.4.3. The characteristics of the products, as well as their composition, denomination, origin, quantity, nutritional information and validity for their consumption, are detailed in the respective packaging and label.

1.4.4 The prices, quantities and conditions of purchase and sale of our products are subject to change, without prior notice, being automatically available on the website, assuming the commitments and orders made up to the moment of the change.

1.4.5. The availability and stock of the products will be subject to confirmation upon completion of the order that is considered for the due effects made after verifying the receipt of your price.

1.4.6. If it is not possible to dispatch all or part of the requested order for reasons related to the lack of stock availability of products or due to the existence of other factors that motivate it, we will contact the customer as soon as possible by e-mail to display and resolve the situation.

1.4.7. In the case foreseen in the previous number, the customer will always have the possibility to be reimbursed the price paid for the unavailable product or get a "voucher" in the same amount, to be used to purchase products on the website, within 6 months.

2- Website Content

2.1 - Use of website content

2.1.1. The site www.sirigaita.pt is intended to announce, advertise, spread and offer our range of products and services and its acquisition.

2.1.2. All content contained on the site, including images, texts, videos, reproductions, among other contents present on the site, are exclusively for the use of its owner, and in no way is it permitted to use, reproduce, transfer, distribute or storage for other purposes than the scope of the online store.

2.2 - Contacts

For the purpose of authorizing the content contained on the site or for a professional use, of a different nature, please contact to the email address info@sirigaita.pt or through the telephone contact +351 918 224 448, available Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

3- How to order

    3.1 - Availability of order

    The website www.sirigaita.pt is available 24 hours a day and orders can be placed at any time, with the exception of any unavailability or technical failure of the server or site.

    3.2 - Carry out the order

    3.2.1. To place an order on www.sirigaita.pt you must have a valid email account and fill in the fields requested to the user that are indispensable for the success of the order.

    3.2.2. After browsing the site, simply insert in the virtual shopping cart the products that you want to purchase and follow all the following steps for the order to be placed.

    3.2.3. In summary:

    1. a) - browse the pages of the online store www.sirigaita.pt and choose the products you wish to purchase;
    2. b) - add the desired products to the shopping cart with the "Add to cart" button;
    3. c) - when you have chosen all the items you wish to purchase, finalize the purchase by clicking on "Check Out" in the shopping cart;
    4. d) - then fill in your personal data in the form presented, selecting the shipping mode and the payment mode;
    5. e) - review the order, confirm it by clicking on “Complete Order” and proceed with its payment, according to the chosen method and within the indicated period;
    6. f) - after payment, you will receive an e-mail confirming your order;

    4- Price

    4.1- Currency
    Sales prices published on ww.sirigaita.pt are in euros.

    4.2- Values included in the price

    The sales prices of the published products include VAT at the legal rate in force in Portugal (Portugal), except for publication error, recent legal change or stock ruptures.

    4.3- Exclusion in price

    4.3.1. The advertised prices do not include the expenses related to the shipping and delivery of the published products nor any expenses required in the country of destination, such as customs expenses.

    4.3.2. The expenses related to the shipping and delivery of the published products will be discriminated and included in the final price to be paid by the customer.

    4.3.3. Any costs, including customs, that may be required by the country of destination will be borne exclusively by the customer.

    4.4 - Modification of prices, quantities or conditions of sale

    We reserve the right to modify the prices, quantities or conditions of sale of the products advertised, assuming whenever possible the commitments and orders prior to any modification.

    5- Scope, availability and delivery of products

      5.1 - Acceptance of orders and destination of the Products

      5.1.1. We accept orders to be delivered in Portugal (continental and islands) or to any country on the European continent.

      5.1.2. However, if you are interested in ordering with other destinations please contact to the email address info@sirigaita.pt or by phone +351 918 224 448, available Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and from 02:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

      5.2 - Availability and "stock" of products

      5.2.1. The availability of "stock" of the announced products will be dependent on final confirmation of the order that is considered for the due effects realized after verifying the receipt of your price.

      5.2.2. Once the orders are processed immediately after confirmation of payment, it is not possible to guarantee the availability of the articles until the start of the referred processing.

      5.2.3. In the case of the products ordered at www.sirigaita.pt are no longer available, despite having received final confirmation of the order, we will immediately inform the customer via email about the unavailability of all or part of the products and we will proceed to the refund of the price paid for unavailable products or the issue of a voucher of the same value as the price paid, valid for the purchase of products on the website, within 6 months.

      5.2.4. Also, we can not validate the order that does not have sufficient guarantee of receipt of payment or when the order is incomplete or incorrect according to the data provided, without prejudice to other circumstances that prevent the realization of the order or their shipment.

      5.2.5. In the case referred to in the previous number, we will inform via e-mail the client that was not possible to promote the sale, specifying the concrete reasons and requesting, if this is the case, the complete or correct elements.

      5.3. Deadlines for delivery of products

      5.3.1. The estimated time for delivery of orders is:

      *Order preparation can take up to one or two days. After preparation of the order:

      - 1 working days for Continental Portugal;

      - 4 working days for the Portuguese Islands.

      - 6 working days for any European country;

      - for other destinations, it will be subject to further information.

      5.3.2. Orders will be shipped after confirmation of receipt of your price.

      5.3.3. The shipment of orders is made on working days so that, for purposes of counting the estimated delivery time of orders, weekends or national holiday days are not accounted for.

      5.4 - Delivery of products

      5.4.1. The products will be delivered within the estimated time and at the address indicated by the customer.

      5.4.2. It is important that the customer's data is fully and correctly filled as incomplete or incorrect filling may result in failure in order shipment of the order or prevent the success of the shipment and delivery.

      5.4.3. We guarantee the quality of the product until the estimated time of day for order delivery.

      5.4.4. It is essential the presence of someone to receive the request because it is only possible to guarantee the quality of the product up to the time of delivery, and after that scheduled time for delivery by the carrier we are not responsible for the quality and/or presentation of the product.

      5.4.5. We cannot assume responsibility for possible delay or impossibility of processing the order due to error or insufficiency of data communicated by the customer, namely, at the time of delivery.

      5.4.6. Likewise, we cannot be responsible for failure or delay in performance, of any obligation of sending that was caused by force majeure event, this is an event, act or omission beyond our reasonable control.

      5.4.7. If the order is returned for reasons attributable to the customer, we consider the final impossibility of product delivery, with no right to any refund.

      5.5 - Withdrawal of products and changing conditions

      5.5.1 We reserve the right to announce the unavailability of products, change the purchase conditions or modify the content present on the site.

      5.5.2.We will make every effort to ensure previous commitments and orders placed up to that moment and, if this is not possible, we will contact the customer via email.

      6- Shipping costs

        The expenses with orders dispatch and delivery are added to the value of the ordered products and are included in the final price payable by the customer, using the following table:

        - Continental Portugal: €5,70 up to 2kg, €6,90 up to 5kg
        - Portuguese Islands: €20,49 up to 2kg, €28,49 up to 5kg
        - European countries: €€26.90 up to 1kg, €31,99 up to 2kg
        - For other destinations, it will be subject to further information.

        7- Order Receipt Procedures

          7.1. The products will be delivered to the estimated period and the address given by the customer, in accordance with carrier provisions, which are as follows: ... ( carrier rules);

          7.2. Our products are always transported in appropriate packaging and suitable to guarantee product quality and its arrival at destination in perfect conditions.

          7.3. It shall verify that the outer packaging does not show any signs of damage and if the products do not show visible defects of manufacture or transport.

          7.4. Food products should be stored in a dry and cool place, avoiding exposure to sun, heat, and humid environments.

          8- Payment

            8.1 - Full payment

            Payment for orders made is always the value corresponding to the total amount of the purchase.

            8.2 - Payment methods

            8.2.1. To pay the value of the order, the customer must make the payment through the following modes of payment:

            - Visa / Mastercard credit card;

            - Paypal;

            -ATM reference (24 hours)

            8.2.2. Payments must be made within the indicated period, otherwise, the order will be immediately cancelled if not paid within that period.

            9- Products Return

              9.1. We make every effort to ensure that all services and products are in perfect condition and with the highest quality.

              9.2. Since our food products are special, it is important, when receiving the order, to check if the outer packaging does not show signs of maltreatment, to open the packaging by the indicated areas (when possible) and confirm that the products are those that have been ordered and shall report any situation analogous to the carrier in the transport report, otherwise they shall be deemed to have been received in perfect condition.

              9.3. The remaining products may be returned provided that it is expressively manifested its intention within 14 days and are perfectly sealed, unused and in the exact conditions in which they were received by the client, otherwise, no return is possible.

              9.4. To return your products please send an e-mail to support@sirigaita.pt manifesting your intention and exposing return reason. After support contact, products should be mail to:


              Av. do Ferrol, nº244, 3ºD

              4480-663 Vila do Conde

              9.5. Client will be responsible for paying for shipping costs for returning the products. Shipping costs are non-refundable, unless the return is made for a reason attributed to the company (ex. Incorrect item received).

              9.6. Once your return is received, we will send you an email to notify you that you have been reimbursed to your credit card or original method of payment.

              10- Intellectual property (IP)

              10.1 - Protection of IP rights

              10.1.1. All elements on the site www.sirigaita.pt, namely texts, photos, videos and comments, including the underlying technology, are protected by copyright, trademarks or patents, and are exclusive property of Daniel Eduardo Moreira Silva.

              10.1.2. Any reproduction or total or partial representation of the site www.sirigaita.pt, in whole or in part, of the elements included in it is strictly prohibited unless expressly authorized otherwise.

              11- Suggestions, Complaints, Opinions and Comments

              We accept suggestions, complaints, opinions and comments to improve our products and services, through email: support@sirigaita.pt.

              12- Contacts and customer support

              For further information, clarifications or doubts, you can contact us by email support@sirigaita.pt or by phone +351 918 224 448, available Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and from 02:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

                13- Applicable legislation and litigation resolution

                  13.1. For any litigation arising from the application of these General Conditions of use and sale and purchase is applicable the Portuguese legislation.

                  13.2. Under Law No. 144/2015, of September 8, may resort to alternative dispute resolution entities (RAL), being competent the Arbitration Center of the consumer area whose list you will find at:



                  13.3. It is also informed that in accordance with Article 18 of Law 144/2015, it may for alternative dispute resolution (ADR) use the competent entities or use the European Online Dispute Resolution Platform, available at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr.