About us

Our Brand
Sirigaita is a Portuguese brand that sells products of national origin, carefully selected. This brand demand that their products are of superior quality, produced in a sustainable and most craft way as possible, in order to bring you excellent products made in Portugal.
Our History
The history of this brand began when Daniel, which has a special taste for antiques, decided in November 2016 to buy an old Piaggio Ape 50 from 1989, to join its collection of old motorbikes.
He ventured on a journey of 320Km/198.8 miles to bring the old motorcycle from Lisbon to Vila do Conde, where he lives. He completed the trip in 12 hours and 30 minutes at an average speed of 25,6km/h (15,9mph).
Initially, the old Piaggio rested in the garage for a few months, but by early 2017 Daniel become unemployed and, one day, he had the idea of turning the motorcycle into a street vending establishment. He got to work and restored and transformed old Piaggio, with his father help.
Daniel wanted to sell high quality Portuguese products and, since he had two friends who produced red fruits that fulfil these requirements, he decided to start by selling his friends fruits.
Thus was born, in September 2017, the brand Sirigaita.
He started selling red fruits in Vila do Conde, and the brand quickly became known due to the high quality of the fruit and the beautiful image of the Piaggio, which atracted the attention of those who passed by. It was when his customers started challenging him to launch new products and Daniel bet on the chocolates.
Like red fruits, chocolates could not be trivial, they had to be chocolates of a superior quality and made in Portugal. Chocolates produced by chocolate masters following the concept bean-to-bar, with high quality cocoa, in a sustainable and craft way.
Thus arose the line of handmade chocolates Sirigaita.
Our brand continues to grow and increase its range of products, to bring to you the best that is produced in Portugal.
We would like to thank all the people and partners who helped the birth of this brand and to our customers who are our source of inspiration.