UTZ Certification

UTZ, which means “good” in the Guatemalan Mayan language of Quiché, is a certification program for production of cocoa, coffee and tea in a sustainable way. It aims to create a world where sustainable farming is the norm. This program works close to the farmers, workers and their families for implementation of good agricultural practices and manage their farms profitably with respect for people and planet. Improving farming methods that respect environment, farmers get more of their land, which leads to increased productivity, better crops and a better income for workers. These methods aim to make a better use of resources and minimize the use of artificial fertilizers and other harmful practices. Another concern is to create and guarantee healthy and safe work conditions workers. UTZ also works to fight some issues as child labour, low wages and climate change.

UTZ program requires:

  • Better farming methods
  • Better working conditions
  • Better care for nature
  • Better care for next generations

UTZ program contributes:

  • Better crop
  • Better income
  • Better environment
  • Better life
UTZ certification ensures:
  • Respect for protected areas, plant and animal life and water sources
  • Preventing deforestation and planting shade trees
  • Optimizing and reducing the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides
  • Efficient waste collection, processing and recycling
  • Using energy carefully and encouraging the use of sustainable energy sources
  • A safe and healthy work environment and effective safety measures
  • Sufficient rest and pay in accordance with national legislation
  • Access to clean drinking water, sanitation and health care
  • Good housing accommodations for workers
  • The right to form and join trade unions, no forced labor, no discrimination
  • No child labor
  • Informational sessions on the importance of going to school and health risks
  • Keeping hazardous materials away from children and drinking water
  • Medical care for mothers and children
  • Maternity leave for workers

(information from the www.utz.org website)

Consumers buying certified chocolates are supporting companies which respect the dignity of their workers as well as the natural resources, meeting the standards for social and environmental responsibility. By purchasing UTZ certificated chocolates you are buying a chocolate produced in a sustainable way, respecting the environment and the people, you can enjoy and trust the product you are buying.

Learn more about UTZ certification program at www.utz.org.